Art Kraft Duo Sided Art Paper Sheet & Assortment Packs

Art Kraft is enormously versatile.  Long fibred paper makes for a much stronger paper (and to tell, hold this sheet up to the light, you can see the bulk of the fibres actually within the paper.  The paper has been "beta dyed" the means that the dye is added to the pulp when it is made, giving a rich colour throughout the sheet.  Each sheet has been "Machine Collandered" on one side or "ironed" effectively making the one side smooth and glossy.  The other side has been left "toothed".  This allows you to use one side for fine line drawing, pens, paints etc, and the other is ideal of Charcoal, Chalk and other media.  It can also be used as the colouring media itself and the images shown have been made using JUST this paper, no colour has been added.  Good fade resitance means your art work will last well.

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